Thienly’s Corner – Dates To Remember Book

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I'm the worst when it comes to remembering people's birthdays.  I wanted something that I could keep the special dates (birthdays, anniversaries...) organized, and decided to put together a book.  I dedicated one page for each month of the year, and bound them together with my new machine, the Cinch.  This was my first coil-bound project. I put in a lot of love into this project, and paid attention to detail and placement of the cuts on each page.  There's tons of cute Mary's SVGs and I wanted to showcase them all!

SVG Collections Used:

Memory Garden SVG Collection
Crafty Mice SVG Collection
Buckles SVG Collection
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection
Love Bear Village Treat Bags SVG Collection
St.Patrick's Country Home SVG Collection
Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection
Lil Peeps SVG Collection
Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Collection
My Happy Garden Hideaway SVG Collection
Robins Return SVG Collection
Panda Picnic Party SVG Collection
Camping at Fox Ridge SVG Collection
Back to School SVG Collection
Monster Mash SVG Collection
Hazel's Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection
Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Collection


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Size to the dimensions shown below with “Keep Proportions” checked in the Shape Properties window.


Memory Garden SVG Collection
frame_bottom1.svg (blackout) 7" wide (cut 6) cardboard
7" wide (cut 14 - 12 months plus front and back cover) various patterned cardstock

Front Cover

Memory Garden SVG Collection
frame_bottom1.svg (blackout) 4.3" wide baby blue
frame_top.svg (blackout - only the bigger frame) 3.9" wide fushia pink
stitched_label_bottom.svg 0.9" wide and 2.4" high pearl white
Crafty Mice SVG Collection
button4.svg 0.65" wide blue and green
button6.svg 0.75" wide red and orange
button7.svg 0.90" wide green and orange
Buckles SVG Collection
label4_bottom.svg 4.05" wide pearl white
Free SVG File 05.28.10 - Floral Design Element
2.5" wide green


Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
mug_top.svg 1" wide baby blue
mug_bottom.svg 1" wide silver
snowflake.svg 1.4" wide silver
snowflk_wht.svg 1.4" wide pearl white
card_red.svg 2" wide baby blue
card_black.svg 2" wide black
card_yellow.svg 2" wide yellow
sm_orange.svg 3.05" wide orange
sm_purple.svg 3.05" wide silver
sm_black.svg 3.05" wide black
sm_white.svg 2.75" wide pearl white
mit_top.svg 1" wide silver
mit_bottom.svg 1" wide black
branch_bottom.svg 4" wide brown
Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection
snowy_corner.svg 4.5" wide pearl white
snowflake1.svg 1.2" wide pearl white
snowflake2.svg 1.6" wide silver
snowflake3.svg 1.9" wide pearl white
Free SVG File - 04.17.10 - Hockey Skate
skate_black.svg 1.7" wide black
skate_silver.svg 1.7" wide silver
skate_white.svg 1.7" wide pearl white


Love Bear Village Treat Bags
sign_bottom.svg 2.25" wide (cut off the last square) cocoa brown
flourish.svg 3.3" wide (cut 2) fushia pink and cherry red
window1.svg 3.0 " wide cocoa brown
drapes.svg 1.68" wide fushia pink
bear.svg 0.8" wide cocoa brown
Free SVG File - Cecile the Valentine Bear
brown.svg 3" wide cocoa brown
pink.svg 3" wide pearl pink
red.svg 3" wide cherry red
Free SVG File - Love Letters
white_parts.svg 1.3" wide red
red_parts.svg 1.3" wide cherry red
pink_parts.svg 1.3" wide pearl pink
Free SVG File - Heart Balloon
heart_balloon_top.svg 1.6" wide cherry red
heart_balloon_bottom.svg 1.6" wide pearl pink
Free SVG File - Red Rose
rose_top.svg 1.2" wide cherry red
rose_bottom.svg 1.2" wide pearl pink
Free SVG File - Lover's Lace
lace_top.svg red
lace_middle.svg cherry red
lace_bottom.svg pearl pink


St.Patrick's Country Home SVG Collection
charm2top.svg 1.1" wide green
charm2bot.svg 1.1" wide white
aprontop.svg 2.2" wide white
apronbot.svg 2.2" wide light green
bunnyL.svg 0.9" wide light grey
bunnyR.svg 0.9" wide light grey
bunny clover.svg 1.25" wide green
swirly 1.5" wide light green
panbot.svg 2.25" wide dark grey
pantop.svg 2.25" wide light grey
padbot.svg 1.2" wide green
padtop.svg 0.9" wide light green
button1top.svg 0.75" wide (cut 3) green, light green, white
button1bot.svg 1" wide (cut 3) green, light green, white
Free SVG File - 03.06.09 - St.Patrick's Day Cupcake
cupcaketop.svg 1.2" wide (cut 2) light grey and green
cupcakebot.svg 1.2" wide white


Easter Morning Egg Hunt SVG Collection
basket.svg 3" wide brown
purple_parts.svg 3" wide blue
yellow_parts.svg 3" wide purple and yellow
pink_parts.svg 3" wide pink
choc_top.svg 2" wide brown
choc_bottom.svg 2" wide pink
grass2.svg 4.3" green light green
flourish1.svg 1.7" wide light green
flourish2.svg 4.2" wide light green
flourish3.svg 4.2" wide
tulip.svg 0.7" wide yellow, pink, white, purple
Free SVG File - 03.20.10 - Easter Egg Honeybee
honeybee_egg_black.svg 1.3" wide black
honeybee_egg_white.svg 1.3" wide white
honeybee_egg_yellow.svg 1.3" wide yellow


Lil Peeps SVG Collection
rain gear_umbrella.svg 2.5" wide purple
rain gear_ handle.svg 2.5" wide light grey
Chamomile Friendship Cards SVG Collection
fence.svg 4" wide sandy beige
leaves.svg 4" wide light green
My Happy Garden Getaway SVG Collection
worm_top.svg 1.5" wide sandy beige
worm_bottom.svg 1.5" wide cocoa brown
snail_top.svg 1.5" wide cocoa brown
snail_bottom.svg 1.5" wide cream
Robins Return SVG Collection
cloud_top.svg 3" wide (cut 2) light and dark grey
cloud_bottom.svg 3" wide (cut 3) grey blue
Free SVG File - 07.01.09 - Garden Boot
boot_bottom_layer.svg 1.5" wide purple
boot_top_layer.svg 1.5" wide mauve
Free SVG File - 01.16.10 - Fritzie the Frog
frog_top.svg 2.15" wide light green
frog_bottom.svg 2.15" wide green


My Happy Garden Getaway SVG Collection
can_top.svg 1.7"wide cream yellow
can_bot.svg 1.7" wide red
glove_top.svg 1" wide cream yellow
glove_bot.svg 1" wide red
bench_top.svg 4.95" wide sandy beige
bench_bot.svg 4.95" wide fushia pink
picket_fence_long.svg 4.9" wide sandy beige
birdbath_top.svg 2.2" wide pearl cream
birdbath_bot.svg 2.2" wide aqua
grass.svg 4.85" wide green
flowers_top.svg 1.6" wide berry pink
pot.svg 1.6" wide sandy beige
flowers_bot.svg 1.6" wide cream yellow
sign_face.svg 1.72" wide cocoa brown
sign_base.svg 1.72" wide brown


Panda Picnic Party SVG Collection
apron.svg 2.25" wide black and grey
fork.svg 0.3" wide grey
spatula1.svg 0.5" wide grey
spatula2.svg 0.5" wide grey
tongs.svg 0.7" wide grey
chair_top.svg 2.25" wide grey
chair_bottom.svg 2.25" wide blue
mustard.svg 0.5" wide (cut 2) yellow and red
grill_top.svg 2.55" wide grey
grill_middle.svg 2.55" wide yellow
grill_bottom.svg 2.55" wide black
corn_top.svg 1.35" wide light green
corn_bottom.svg 1.35" wide yello
hotdog_mustard.svg 1.5" wide (cut 2) yellow and red
hotdog_bun.svg 1.5" wide tan
hotdog_weiner.svg 1.5" wide brown
cooler_bottles.svg 2.5" wide (cut 2) brown and blue
cooler_top.svg 2.5" wide grey
cooler_bottom.svg 2.5" wide red
cooler_ice.svg 2.5" wide white
hamburger_lettuce.svg 1.5" wide light green
hamburger_meat.svg 1.5" wide brown
hamburger_bun.svg 1.5" wide tan
hamburger_tomato.svg 1.5" wide red
Free SVG File - 06.24.09 - Ice Cream Cone
ice_cream_top.svg 0.95" wide blue
ice_cream_bottom.svg 0.95" wide brown
ice_cream_cherry.svg 0.3" wide red


Camping at Fox Ridge SVG Collection
axe_top.svg 0.9" wide silver
axe_bottom.svg 0.9" wide brown
backpack_top.svg 1.1" wide orange
backpack_bottom.svg 1.1" wide red
binoculars.svg 1" wide black
boot_top.svg 1.5" wide brown
boot_bottom.svg 1.5" wide black
dome_tent_top.svg 3" wide cream
dome_tent_middle.svg 3" wide mint green
dome_tent_bottom.svg 3" wide dark green
fire_top.svg 2.15" wide orange
fire_middle1.svg 2" wide yellow
fire_middle2.svg 2.3" wide cocoa brown
fire_bottom.svg 2.3" wide brown
pine_tree.svg 2.15" wide dark green
grill_top.svg 1.8" wide dark green
grill_bottom.svg 1.8" wide black
roasting_mm_top.svg 0.7" wide cream
roasting_mm_bottom.svg 0.7" wide brown
Panda Picnic Party SVG Collection
picnic_table.svg 4" wide


Back to School SVG Collection
bus_yellow.svg 3.75" wide yellow
bus_blue.svg 3.75" wide light blue
bus_gray.svg 3.75" wide light gray
bus_black.svg 3.75" wide black
books_top.svg 1" wide moss green
books_mid1.svg 1" wide yellow
books_mid2.svg 1" wide red
books_bottom.svg 1" wide light blue
calc_top.svg 0.67" wide moss green
calv_bottom.svg 0.67" wide red and light blue
apple_top.svg 0.67" wide red
apple_mid.svg 0.67" wide moss green
apple_bottom.svg 0.67" wide yellow
backpack_top.svg 1.22" wide yellow
backpack_bottom.svg 1.22" wide red
locker_top.svg 0.9" wide gray
locker_mid.svg 0.9" wide light blue
locker_bot.svg 0.9" wide black
leaf_top.svg 1" wide yellow
leaf_bottom.svg 1" wide brown


Monster Mash SVG Collection
bat.svg 1.3' and 1.8" wide black
castle_top.svg 3.45" wide black
castle_bottom.svg 3.45" wide yellow
tombstone_top.svg 1.25" wide dark gray
tombstone_bottom.svg 1.25" wide light gray
coffin_top.svg 2" wide dark gray
coffin_bottom.svg 2" wide light gray
candy_corn_top.svg 0.42" wide yelllow
candy_corn_mid.svg 0.42" wide orange
candy_corn_bottom.svg 0.42" wide white
Hazel's Wicked Witch Crafts SVG Collection
cat.svg 1.25" wide black
skull_top.svg 1.5" wide white
skull_bottom.svg 1.5" wide light gray
Jack O' Lantern 3_top.svg 1.2" wide orange
Jack O' Lantern 3_bottom.svg 1.2" wide black


Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Collection
wheat.svg 1" and 1.2" wide brown and cocoa brown
pie_orange_top.svg 2" wide orange
pie_tan_middle.svg 2" wide tan
pie_white_bottom.svg 2" wide white
pumpkin_top.svg 1.9" wide orange
pumpkin_bottom.svg 1.7" wide brown
bonbons.svg 1.2" wide brown
cookies_top.svg 1.7" wide cocoa brown
cookies_bottom.svg 1.7" wide orange
tray_top.svg 3" wide tan
tray_bottom.svg 3" wide sandy beige
t_dinner_top.svg 4.2" wide sandy beige
t_dinner_mid1.svg 4.2" wide cocoa brown
t-dinner_mid2.svg 4" wide moss green
t_dinner_bottom.svg 4" wide tan
cornucopia_top.svg 3" wide cocoa brown
cornucopia_bottom.svg 3" wide sandy beige
corn_top.svg 0.75" wide yellow
corn_bottom.svg 0.75" wide moss green
wine_top.svg 0.6" wide purple
wine_mid.svg 0.6" wide mauve
wine_bot.svg 0.6" wide cocoa brown
grape_top.svg 0.75" wide purple
grape_bottom.svg 0.75" wide cocoa brown


Santa's North Pole Workshop SVG Collection
ccane_top.svg 0.9" wide red
ccane_bottom.svg 0.9" wide white
gift1_top.svg 1.4" wide red
gift1_bottom.svg 1.4" wide green
gift2_top.svg 1.5" wide white
gift2_bottom.svg 1.5" wide silver
sign__top.svg 3.15" wide white
sign_middle.svg 3" wide red
sign_bottom.svg 3" wide silver
Santa_skin_tone.svg 2.15" wide tan
Santa_black.svg 2.15" wide black
Santa_white.svg 2.15" wide white
Santa_red.svg 2.15" wide red
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
bell_top.svg 2.35" wide (cut 2) silver and red
bell_bottom.svg 2.35" wide yellow
wreath_stars_top.svg 3.1" wide yellow
wreath_stars_bottom.svg 3.1" wide green
wreath.svg 3.1" wide white
bow.svg 1.6" wide red

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • I focused on finding a patterned cardstock that would represent that month, and found corresponding colored cardstock to match it.
  • I inked the edges to give depth - even though I used same colors for the cut and the background, inking the edges makes the cuts stand out.  Brown and silver ink was used.
  • I gave further depth by using pop-dots on some cuts.
  • Embossing also adds interest to the cuts.  I used 6 embossing folders for this project.
  • Adding additional embellishments makes the page more exciting - stamps, rhinestones, stickles, twines, pearls, metallic dots, and ribbons.

A time consuming project, but well worth it - and with this, hopefully, I can be more organized!

- Thienly

23 Responses to “Thienly’s Corner – Dates To Remember Book”

  1. Cindy September 15, 2010 at 12:40 pm #

    Thienly,you are just AMAZING!!! And this book is just amazing!! You are soooo talented!!!I love everything about it!!!
    Have a great day,

  2. Reets September 15, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

    I am in total awe and amazement at this.. Like WOW as big as you can write it.I couldnt ever possibly even imagine doing such a beautiful and elaborate project as this. Inspirational doesnt even touch it!! Im so grateful that you are an inspiration to me. !!! love ya..

  3. Gabrielle Rogers September 15, 2010 at 12:53 pm #

    This is phenomenal! I just love it! Thank you for sharing Thienly, and thanks Leo & Mary for the wonderful files and sharing Thienly’s expertise with us! Now, to get busy with THIS project!!!

  4. Carolina Girl September 15, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    This is amazing…now I know what you have been so involved in..WoW….what an incredible gift this would be…be better to keep for me. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. Linda September 15, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    Love this! Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  6. Amy September 15, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    Fabulous Project!

  7. Many Feathers September 15, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Cynthia G. September 15, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

    Love this project I will have to make one like this. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Bee September 15, 2010 at 6:34 pm #

    Oh my!!! Now I understand why you said you were busy!! :-D
    I’m wondering though, if there is enough room on those beautiful pages… hopefully you can fit me in for february, LOL ;-)
    This is a gorgeous project for sure, one you will be happy to open every month! :-)

  10. dawn September 16, 2010 at 1:17 pm #

    Wow! I am amazed. Its gorgeous. and thank you for being so generous and organized to list all the cuts you used and the sizes. Is fantastic. thank you.

  11. Sue A September 16, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    OMG! This is truly a work of art. I don’t think I’d be able to mass produce something like this. It is one of a kind.

  12. Karen A. September 19, 2010 at 10:25 pm #

    WOWEE – this is amazing. Every page is a piece of art. Puts the one I made my girls to shame. WOWEE I’m so impressed!!

  13. Anne Chau September 20, 2010 at 10:13 am #

    wow! that is so beautiful! i love it! thanks so much for sharing your wonderful projects!

  14. Kristy September 21, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    WOW!… (turn the page) OMG’sh! …(next page) WHAT! … That is awesome – I love what you did for my birthday month of June :D)

  15. JoAnne September 21, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    This is absolutely wonderful!!! What a great job!

  16. Aimee September 23, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    That is very cute. Thank you for sharing it.

  17. Sonia Tolson September 24, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

    Oh my gosh!!!! This is a work of art, much too beautiful to use! How many hours did you spend on this masterpiece? Beautiful, just beautiful!!! You are very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Belinda Brown September 25, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    Thienly is the BOMB! I just went through each page showing them to my husband how this is the work of a artist. Each page is layered with the most precise details, chalked or inked to add depth, and the composition of each detail, where it’s placed is that of a professional. Thienly I love your brain! You are a wonder!
    You know if you stopped that thumping sound would stop, you know the one where my jaw hits the floor?!

  19. Debra Ferreria October 1, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    I am totally blown away by this. You truly are an artist. I am inspired.

  20. Lana November 2, 2010 at 2:36 pm #

    Just now seeing this but I am absolutely blown away!! It is amazing and beautiful!!!!!

  21. Sonia Tolson May 10, 2013 at 10:03 am #

    Oh my gosh, this is amazing!! My kids’ teachers would love these. Thanks for the idea!!

  22. brenda September 10, 2013 at 9:18 am #

    Love this!! can you tell me which embossing folders you used?

  23. Sarah September 10, 2013 at 9:58 am #

    Absolutely Amazing!! I love the idea. I am new to all of this scrap booking stuff and was wondering what you use for embossing? I have the cuddle bug that I have never used because I don’t know what folders I should buy. Thanks for your inspiration and help.