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Position: Customer and Digital Product Support Manager

Location: SVGCuts in Oswego, Illinois (Greater Chicago area)

Small business owner needs to offload duties in order to focus on creating new products. SVGCuts is a trusted and well-loved source of digital designs for paper crafting with electronic cutting machines. Established 2009.

Major job functions:

  1. Customer Support - Help customers via e-mail, site FAQs and social media to overcome common stumbling blocks in their use of our downloadable designs with their personal electronic cutting machines. Provide solutions to common problems and troubleshoot issues.
  2. Adobe Illustrator - Edit existing vector file products (SVG, AI, PDF) to maximize customer enjoyment and ease of use. See our products at
  3. Basic Webstore Maintenance - Maintain and add new products to online store using basic coding and ZenCart (can be learned on the job).
  4. Social Media Maintenance - Use our Social Media channels to respond to and engage fans.
  5. Adobe Creative Suite - Edit product and instructional footage using Adobe Premiere Pro and product photos using Adobe Photoshop. Can be learned on the job, but some prior knowledge is a bonus.

Work 40 hours per week remotely with a flexible schedule. Receive paid holidays off and five paid work days off during the first 12 months. Must be eligible to work in the US and must speak English fluently. Must be willing to occasionally travel to our home-based headquarters, but we can play this by ear due to the pandemic.

Salary depends on experience and skill level. Range $55-70K/year.

To apply, please send your resume to jobs at svgcuts dot com.

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