About Us

Join us and the tens of thousands of crafting fans who have made SVGCuts their favorite destination for paper craft ideas, free downloads and irresistible designs. Do you like to follow instructions to the letter, or would you rather get lost in your own creativity? Either way, you can find what’s right for you by using our kits “to the letter” or by mixing and matching designs for something totally unique! We guarantee that your friends and family will be amazed by your creations, and go ahead – take all the credit!

Make a beautiful 3D haunted house, full-size gift boxes, exquisite birthday cards, 3D pop-up cards and adorable banners. Best of all, we offer video tutorials (all free!) on our YouTube channel which walk you through everything.

2013 Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice Winners

In October of 2013, SVGCuts.com was named the 2013 Martha Stewart American Made Audience Choice winner, beating out over 2300 US-based small businesses, thanks to the support and enthusiasm of the SVGCuts Fans!

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