Tips for Beginners

Just getting started with your cutting machine and Sure Cuts a Lot? Pull up a chair and let’s go through a couple quick how-to’s.

How to Make our Santa Bag using Cricut Design Space


New to using our designs with the Cricut Design Space software? Let's walk through the steps from start to finish!


First, select the design you'd like to create. For this example, we'll be using the Santa Bag project.

We offer it individually:

Or as part of the Toy Land SVG Kit:


After you've clicked the "Place Order" button, you'll be taken to a page with a large green "Download" button....

How to Make our Vintage Truck project using the Cricut Design Space software

New to using our designs with the Cricut Design Space software? Let's walk through the steps from start to finish!


First, select the design you'd like to create. For this example, we'll be using the Vintage Truck project. We offer it individually...

... and we also offer it as part of the Fall Weekend SVG Kit, which includes four other projects.

Once you've completed Checkout, and clicked the "Place Order" button, you'll be taken to a ...

How to use our optional Solid Score Lines

Depending on which cutting machine and software you're using, you may be interested in our solid score lines. They're optional and can be found in our projects' Extras folders.

Dashed Score Lines

First of all... dashed score lines.

All of our projects are compatible with a wide variety of cutting machines, so by default, all of our score lines are dashed lines. These are meant to be cut with your machine's blade. Some popular cutting machines don't have the ability to "score."

In fact, a great ...

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How to Make an SVGCuts Project with Your Cricut Explore or Maker

Wondering how to make an SVGCuts project using your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine? It's easy! Let's take it from the top and go step-by-step.

Today we're going to make the new Mail Box project from start to finish.

Create an Account

First, I'd suggest creating an account with us at We do not share your information with anyone and only use it to keep track of your orders and to provide assistance.

To create an account, visit us at ...

Why Are My Score Lines on a Different Mat in Cricut Design Space?

If you're cutting out an SVG file that has score lines or numbers on it, you have to "attach" the lines in the Cricut Design Space software.

Missing this step is a VERY common problem that new users have. And there's really no way for anyone to know that it's necessary.

We get several messages a day from people asking why their score lines are acting strange in the Cricut Design Space software.

"When I transfer SVG files to Design Space, even ...

How Do You Cut SVG Files with a Brother ScanNCut Machine?

We aren't "affiliated" with Brother, however, we regularly get e-mails from people asking how to cut SVG files with their Brother ScanNCut machine.

So, let's break it down! :)

The New ScanNCut Machine

The new Brother ScanNCut2 machine DOES cut SVG files directly, so all you need to do is load them onto your machine and cut.

The original Brother ScanNCut machine does not allow you to plug your computer directly into it. Nor does it accept SVG files for cutting. This creates ...

"What kind of glue should I use?"

I haven't tried TOO many other glues, but sometimes people ask me what kind of glue I use.

I've been doing paper craft projects regularly for about 10 years, and my absolute favorite is Scotch Tacky Glue. It comes in 2 oz. bottles and 4 oz. bottles.

It used to be called "Quick-Dry Adhesive." The packaging has changed a little bit within the last year, but I can't tell a difference in the ...

"What kind of card stock is best for SVGCuts projects?"

New to paper crafting, or just curious? Wondering what kind of card stock is best for SVGCuts projects? I get this question regularly, so you’re not alone! :)

I’ve been making loads of dimensional paper crafts here at SVGCuts for over eight years now, and a few products have become staples in my craft room.

You can really use just about any paper you’d like for projects, although paper that’s about “80 lb” is ideal. This works out to about 216 gsm paper (metric system).

Paper that’s a bit lighter weight or a ...

Comparing Cricut Explore, Sizzix eclips2 and Silhouette CAMEO

SVG Workflow

For users of SVGCuts files, workflow is VERY important. Spending less time importing and preparing your files for cutting means spending more time actually assembling your projects. In the video below, we imported all of the necessary files to create the Thanksgiving Box Card from our Autumn Box Cards SVG Kit. The results are as follows:

  • Silhouette CAMEO using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition: 3:03
    • Users of the Silhouette CAMEO can use Sure Cuts A Lot 4 for a more efficient SVG experience.
  • Sizzix eclips2


Unzipping SVGCuts Files - (Zip File, Extract File, Decompress File)

Mac OS

MacOS X has the native ability to extract/unzip ZIP files, so don't waste money on third party ZIP programs! You don't need them! Zipped files look like documents with little zippers on them, contain the extension .zip and also say ZIP right on the icon!


1. Unzipping a file in MacOSX is simple, just double-click on the ZIP file! You know your file is unzipped when you have what looks like a folder with the full product name displayed below the icon....