Commercial Use Form

Want to use our files commercially? While we don't charge commercial license fees, we have a few rules!

  • You cannot sell the actual SVG or PDF files.
  • You can cut our files out of any medium (paper, vinyl, chipboard etc) and use them on products for sale (pre-made cards, scrapbooks, vinyl families).
  • The products you create using our cuts can be sold locally (in your city, town, from your cabana) with no restrictions.
  • Products can be sold online only if you have your own website (
  • We DO NOT allow the sale of pre-cut kits for assembly by the customer. All items for sale must be completely assembled.
  • We DO NOT allow products to be sold on sites like Etsy, Ebay etc.
  • We DO NOT allow products to be sold on sites like or
  • If you agree to the above, fill out the form below! We'll contact you to let you know you are approved!

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