Cricut Explore & Design Space FAQs


Have questions about using our SVG files with your Cricut Explore / Design Space software? Check out the frequently asked questions below, if we don't have the answer you need, feel free to Contact Us!

Cricut Explore & Design Space FAQs

Yes. Since Cricut Design Space is the first Cricut based software to openly accept SVG files, all of our files are compatible.

Click here for a full written step by step tutorial on how to open, prepare and cut our files using Cricut Design Space.

Or watch the video here:

If your SVG contains score lines, click on the main layer of your SVG. Note: Although not discussed in this tutorial, it is possible to change the score layers to score using the Cricut Scoring tool instead of cutting. Cutting score lines instead of scoring with a scoring tool is completely normal and is typical in cutting systems that don't allow for scoring tools. Cutting score lines instead of scoring will not impact the final product.


Click "Attach".


Repeat the process for each SVG file you want to cut!

This process is explained and demonstrated in our step by step how to. See it by clicking here.

Or watch the video here:

One of the most popular, active and friendly Cricut communities can be found in the "Cricut Design Space" group on Facebook. Click here to check it out and join!