Designs By Thienly Azim

I have a weakness for new tools and pretty embellishments, love to experiment with various techniques and styles and have a blast thinking outside the box.— Thienly

Thienly’s Corner – “Celebrate” Pop-up Lever Card

I've had the Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Collection and Premium Pop-Up Cards SVG Collection for sometime now, and I've been wanting to do something with them! As usual, I wanted to do something different, and occurred to me that I could combine the sets to make a pop-up lever card! That's exactly what I […]

Thienly’s Corner – Autumn Wreath

With so many of Mary's gorgeous autumn SVG collections, I couldn't resist making a home decor item! I've been looking out for a beautiful fall wreath for so long, and haven't found the right one, so I decided to make one! I cut up all the pieces, gave each of them lots of love, and […]

"Our Family" Explosion Box by Thienly

Ever since Mary produced the Explosion Box SVG Collection, I've always wanted to create one of these beautiful boxes. I wanted to make something meaningful, and decided the theme to be "our family", focusing on the love and the strength that binds us together. The focal point is the tree, and it seemed appropriate for […]

Thienly's Corner – Gift in a Jar

Every year my mom makes the best tasting homemade jam. With these jar toppers and tags, a plain jar can be transformed into a beautiful, gourmet-looking gift! Pick out all the colored papers and make sure that they go together - having the right color is the KEY to any project....