Mary's Corner - Love Buckets

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I keep seeing these cute little clear paint can looking pails at craft stores and wanted to see how some of our elements would look on them. Especially some of our "strips" such as Clara's Christmas Strips or Rosie's Ribbon Strips.  I used a 2.75" tall and a 3.5" tall clear pail from Archiver's, but you could certainly use any size and adapt the design and make it all your own!


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used.  Use the Keep Proportions option to keep the shape’s proportions while sizing it to the width shown below.

Large Pail (3.5" tall)

Basic Shapes
rectangle 11.4"w x 1.5"h Pink
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
scalloped_top.svg 3.4"w Pink
scalloped_bottom.svg 3.4"w Light Pink
Free SVG File 01.10.10 – Lover’s Lace
lace_top.svg 11.4"w Light Pink
Valentines SVG Collection
winged.svg 4.4"w Red
winged.svg 4.4"w (Blackout) White

Small Pail (2.75" tall)

Basic Shapes
rectangle 9"w x 1.1"h Pink
rectangle 9"w x 0.5"h Hot Pink
Clara's Christmas Strips
stitched_ribbon_top.svg 9"w Red
Valentines SVG Collection
convbemine.svg 1.7"w Light Pink
convbemine.svg 1.7"w (Blackout) Red

Design Tips

  • I embossed the winged heart with a swirly folder in my Cuttlebug and sprayed its bottom (white) layer with some snowy Glimmer Mist to add a sparkly sheen.
  • I also tied a pretty ribbon by Martha Stewart Crafts around the small pail and tied it in a bow.  I affixed it with double-sided tape to keep it in place while I tied the bow.

Paper Suggestions

For most of the solid-color cardstock, I used AC Cardstock. This is my fave solid color cardstock because of its texture, its solid-color core (not white-core) and because of how clean it always cuts for me.

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