Tamara's Corner - Simply Sweet Cupcake Box

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Hello, SVGCuts friends! I'm here today with a super cute little cupcake box that I know you all will LOVE! I saw someone on the Facebook Page request one of these, and since I made one a few months ago, I figured I would whip one up to share with you all! Mary so nicely converted my SCUT file for the insert into an SVG for you all to download for FREE! (Thanks, Mary!) This box would be great for any occasion! Baby shower, Bridal shower, bithday's, teacher gift, grad's, etc! SVGCuts has so many great files that would be fun to decorate these cupcake boxes with! You could really go all out with 3-D flowers and such! I kept it simple with two cute little animals to match the paper I used.

SVG Collections Used

1.  Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit 2. Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection 3. Scalloped Shapes SVG Collection 4. Free SVG File - Cupcake Insert (4.13.2011) 5. Free SVG File - Elliot the Elephant (3.31.2011) 6. Free SVG File - Steve the Monkey (3.28.2011)


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to dimensions shown below with "Keep Proportions" checked in the Shape Properties window, unless otherwise noted.
Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit (Square Flat Trio - Medium)
box_bottom.svg 7.50h yellow
lid_top.svg 7.60h zoo pattern
sides.svg 10.816w polka dot prints
Cupcake Insert 4.13.2011
cupcake_insert.svg 9.430w blue polka dot
Rosie's Ribbon Strips SVG Collection
9.svg 7.55w brown
Scalloped Shapes SVG Collection (Square)
s.svg 5.50w (used to create lid window)
Elliot the Elephant 3.31.11
baby_elephant.svg 3.25w pale green
baby_elephant.svg (add shadow in SCAL/MTC) blue polka dot
Steve The Monkey 3.28.11
monkey_bottom.svg 4.00w dark orange
monkey_top.svg 4.00w light yellow and brown
monkey_bottom.svg (add shadow in SCAL/MTC)
SCAL Shapes Library (Tags, Sign and Banners)
banner 2 2.75w ivory
SCAL Shapes Library (Basic)
semi circle 1 pale yellow
Scalloped Shapes SVG Collection (Circle)
Lframe.svg 3.295w brown


  • In SCAL or MTC layer your box lid file and the scalloped square file. When it cuts it will create the window. You will want to add a sheet of cellophane over the window.
  • Assemble your box and score and assemble the cupcake insert (see photo sample to score). This is made to fit very snug inside the box, no need to glue it down! This will allow the box to be reusable for a gift!
  • Adhere your scalloped circles over the holes for the cupcakes. These just add to the cuteness factor and gives a little more support to the weight of the cupcakes. (Although this sample does not show cupcakes in it, it has been tested and fits standard cupcakes perfectly!)
  • Adhere your paper ribbon trim and other decorations! Then, show it off on SVG Cuts Facebook page!

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Use twine or ribbon to tie around the box and add a big bow! Inking and distressing edges is always fun and looks great! And of course, embossing! With this box I decided to add 4 internal panels to give the inside a more 'clean' look. Mine are 3.00h x 7.45w.


  • Twine is from The Twinery.
  • Brads are from Joann's.
  • Stamp sentiment is Pink by Design.
Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my latest Tamara's Corner project! I hope I have inspired you! Happy crafting! Until next time! --Tamara T.

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