Amy's Corner - Family Collage

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I created this shadow box collage for my trainer at work. She is expecting her second baby and her family is about to grow to 4. Since she did not know if she was having a boy or girl I decided to make a family of owls representing her family. I included a FAMILY Banner and a quote I found. Here is the quote: "Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things." I actually used an Owl that was sent out 12/8/10 as a freebie. I made some circles and pasted over the eyes for a completely different more whimsical look.

SVG Collections Used

1.  Cruising Caravan Scrapbook Pages SVG Kit 2. Thanksgiving Day Dinner SVG Kit 3. Robins Return SVG Collection 4. Owl is a freebie from 12/8/10


Here are the exact shapes, sizes and colors I used. Size to the dimensions shown below with "Keep Proportions" checked in the Shape Properties window, unless otherwise noted.
Cruising Caravan Scrapbook Pages SVG Kit (Air Mail)
scalloped.svg 10.620" w X 10.620" h patterned paper  & chipboard (cut 3X)
scalloped.svg (Click on Shadow - Rounded 2) 10.620" w X 10.620" h brown & chipboard (cut 3X)
stamp_bottom.svg 1.883" w x 2.332" h brown
stamp_top.svg 1.883" w x 1.814" h beige
Greetings From Our Family
flourish.svg 5.003" w x 3.579" h brown
Thanksgiving Day Dinner SVG Kit
F.svg 1.502" w x 0.730" h red
F_bottom.svg 1.502" w x 0.838" h brown
A.svg 1.502" w x 1.002" h yellow
A_bottom.svg 1.502" w x 1.110" h brown
M.svg 1.502" w x 1.093" h blue
M_bottom.svg 1.502" w x 1.201" h brown
I.svg 1.502" w x 0.338" h yellow
I_bottom.svg 1.502" w x 0.446" h brown
L.svg 1.502" w x 0.736" h red
L_bottom.svg 1.502" w x 0.847" h brown
Y.svg 1.502" w x 0.928" h blue
Y_bottom.svg 1.502" w x 1.035" h brown
pennant1.svg (Cut 6) 1.502" w x 2.190" h beige
pennant1.svg (Cut 6 - Click on Shadow Pointy 2) 1.801" w x 2.601" h brown
Robins Return SVG Collection
cloud_top.svg 3.020" w x 2.694" h light blue
Owl Free SVG 12.08.2010
brown.svg - Cut 1 for each adult (I did not use feet) 3.313" w x 1.772" h beige
brown.svg - Cut 1 for each child (I did not use feet) 2.021" w x 1.081" h beige
dark_brown.svg - Cut 1 for each adult 3.303" w x 2.042" h brown
dark_brown.svg - Cut 1 for each child 2.015" w x 1.246" h brown
Basic Shapes (Eyes for Owls)
Circles (Cut 2 for each adult) .710" w x .710" h yellow
Circles (Cut 2 for each child) .403" w x .403" h yellow

Instructions for the Collage

  1. Apply 12 x 12 paper to base of shadow box frame.
  2. Cut the scallop shapes - also cut out of chipboard. Adhere paper to chipboard & ink edges. Place foam core under both scallop shapes and adhere to the collage.
  3. Cut all the Family Banner elements and assemble. I put foam tape under the letters. I also put foam tape under the banners. I used brads of various colors to attach the banners. Apply banner to collage.
  4. Cut clouds, ink, apply foam tape under and adhere.
  5. Add the ribbon that falls under the owls.
  6. Cut the flourish and apply to the collage.
  7. Cut the owls according to the number of family members. I did like the eyes of the original SVG so I cut circles and applied on top. Emboss the bodies, ink the heads & feathers and apply. I did not use the feet of the owls. Add foam tape behind owls and apply. I added some Creative Charms pearls for the eyes.
  8. Cut and print the name plate and apply.
  9. Print the Sentiment and add to strips of paper. Paper is .5" high.

Design Tips

Amy - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Use dimensional tape & foam core to add dimension. I use the 3m mounting tape. I like it because you can cut it to any shape.
  • Don't forget inking & embossing.
  • If cutting chip board I cut 3X and for AC cardstock I cut 2X.
  • Don't forget to add some embellishments to your collage.
  • I used K&Company for my patterned paper & AC Cardstock for my solids. The small dot paper is Bo Bunny Dot.
Happy Crafting! - Amy

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