Dream Of Spring by Kathy Helton

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Don't know about you guys but Winter has really hit me hard this year. I enjoyed making this so much just because of the Spring colors.

SVG Collections Used

Spooky Soiree SVG Kit
Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit
Cherry Blossoms Mini SVG Collection
Lunch With Mom SVG Kit
Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Collection
Catacomb Manor SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • K & Company SW Floral Designer Paper Pad
  • Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive
  • Pop Dots
  • A Spring stamp of your choice (Lantern)
  • Ranger Distress Ink – Antique Linen
  • Elmer's Dot Runner
  • 1 Battery Operated Tea Light



Catacomb Manor SVG Kit (Catacomb Card)
card_base.svg 5.322"wX8.151"h Blue
panel.svg 5.170"wX3.721"h Peach
Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit (Gift Box)
leaves.svg 5.053"wX2.231"h Green
Cherry Blossoms Mini SVG Collection
branch.svg 2.530"wX1.789"h Blue
Lunch With Mom SVG Kit (Tag)
flower_top.svg 2.300"wX2.184"h Multi
flower_top.svg 1.927"wX1.830"h Multi


Spooky Soiree SVG Kit (Tall Lantern - Extras)
bottom_panels_plain.svg 7.000"wX11.206"h Pink
lantern1_plain.svg 11.400"wX8.214"h Pink
lantern2_plain.svg 8.300"wX8.214"h Pink
top_panels.svg 3.600"wX7.537"h Pink
Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit (Nutcracker)
base.svg 6.200"wX8.818"h Blue
Lunch With Mom SVG Kit
flower_top.svg 2.300"wX2.184"h Multi
Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit (Gift Box)
leaves.svg 5.053"wX2.231"h Yellow/Green
Cherry Blossoms Mini SVG Collection
(Swirly Branch)
branch.svg 2.530"wX1.789"h Yellow
branch.svg 5.124"wX3.622"h Green
(3D Sakura)
petals.svg 1.500"wX1.451"h Pink
petals.svg 1.916"wX1.853"h Multi
(3D Cherry Blossom)
blossom_center.svg 2.316"wX0.576"h Blue/Pink



  1. Cut and assemble the card.
  2. Attach the decorative piece to the top of the card with pop dots.
  3. Glue the 3 roses first (1 Large – 2 Small). Glue and tuck the other embellishments as shown in the photo.


  1. Assemble the base from Clara's Christmas Kit. Use the antique linen Distress Ink on all of the edges.
  2. Cut all of the lantern pieces and vellum.
  3. To attach the vellum I went around the outside edges of the vellum pieces with the Elmer's Dot Runner. This prevents curling (which the wet glue causes).
  4. Attach vellum first then assemble the rest of the lantern.
  5. Use the Elmer's Dot Runner and glue the swirly branch to the vellum on the front of the lantern. Again, using the dot glue will prevent any wrinkling and the finish looks so good.
  6. Cut 1 large and one small swirly branch, 3 roses, 2 sets of leave,s and the 3D Sakura flowers; 2 large, and one small. Assemble the flowers and attach as shown in the photo. Glue the leaves and swirly branches behind the flowers.
  7. Attach the lantern to the base.

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Designer

  • When using the leaves, I cut several extras in different colors and sometimes pull them apart and only use the one leaf. Also you can adjust the height to give it a more natural look.
  • I have seen some beautiful colored vellum. This would be a great project to use it!
  • I use the roses from the Lunch With Mom SVG Kit tag in a lot of my designs. I use a quilling tool to "roll" the roses. Makes it so much easier.

This lantern could be used for any season or occasion. I love to keep a lantern in my kitchen and burn it at night. It is so beautiful and is a great accent piece. Hope you make one and share on the SVG Cuts Facebook!

3 Responses to “Dream Of Spring by Kathy Helton”

  1. Tina March 20, 2014 at 9:34 am #

    This is amazing …. so talented. Thanks for sharing this :-)

  2. Ruth March 20, 2014 at 1:27 pm #

    Beautiful, yes I am ready for Spring also.

  3. Robin April 14, 2014 at 6:34 pm #

    Very pretty set. I just have to get a couple more of those kits and I’m good to go!