Tips for Beginners

Just getting started with your cutting machine and Sure Cuts a Lot? Pull up a chair and let’s go through a couple quick how-to’s.

Where Did My Downloads Go? Mac Edition


One of the most common issues SVGCuts users encounter is not knowing where to find their files after they download them! It sounds like a very silly problem, but its real and from a support standpoint, its one of the most common issues we deal with on a daily basis.

Mac Browsers

To get the most out of the information below, be sure you are running the following version (or later) of each browser:

  • Safari - 7.0.3 (click here for information on how to


Photography Tips for Paper Crafters - Aperture and Bokeh

Let's talk about the terms "aperture, shutter speed and ISO."

All three of these camera settings are interconnected and play a major role in determining the final appearance of your photo. This article will focus on how aperture affects bokeh (or "background blur").

What is Bokeh?

In photography, bokeh is the blur,or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image. (source: Wikipedia). The image above features the tea pot from our Tea For You and Me SVG Kit and ...