About Us

SVGCuts is based in Oswego, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. We sell remarkable projects that you'll enjoy making using your electronic cutting machine. 

Our designs can be made using a wide variety of cutting machines. The Cricut family of machines and the Silhouette Cameo are the most popular ones.

SVGCuts has been in business for almost 15 years. In fact, we were the second shop ever to sell an SVG cutting file online.

I'm Mary, the founder, artist, and owner, and I started SVGCuts from my apartment in Downers Grove, Illinois, in 2009. It all started when I received a Cricut Expression cutting machine for Christmas in 2008. At the time, I was learning how to create vector files, toying with the idea of a career change. I had stepped away from my job as an Account Manager at a software company and was taking time to regroup and evaluate my life path.

At the time, my Cricut only worked with Cricut cartridges, which were inserted into the machine and contained various shapes for cutting. There wasn't a way to cut out anything else, so you were limited to what was available on the cartridges.

Then, when a third-party software called Sure Cuts a Lot came along, it opened up a whole new world of creativity. It supercharged my imagination, and I was ecstatic when I cut out my first shapes--a set of snowflakes I had designed myself. I'll never forget watching the machine's blade cut the forms I had just created. I thought, "WOW, what else can I create?"

I barely slept, coming up with designs for Valentine's Day. I made physical cards that I sold online and shipped, and then... it happened. I had my big "ah-ha" moment and listed the SVG files for sale online instead.

Three-dimensional designs started dancing in my head. I came up with a small gift bag that looked like a cute little bunny's house for Easter. I couldn't believe I was getting to do something I loved for a living. The ideas flowed. I wasn't sure how Cricut felt about me--was I stepping on toes? They accidentally sent out a newsletter featuring my Bunny House Treat Bag. Getting to work from home on my terms with my kitty beside me was intoxicating, and I poured myself into my designs. 

SVGCuts weathered the storm when Cricut removed the ability to use SVG files with their machines. It was an uncertain time, but thankfully there were quite a few other similar cutting machines on the market that did work with SVG files. The Sizzix eclips, the Black Cat cutter, the Silhouette Cameo, the Pazzles Inspiration, and the KNK kept our hopes and business alive.

In 2013, SVGCuts won the American Made Award (Audience Choice), a prestigious award from Martha Stewart Living. We had more votes than thousands of other small businesses, thanks to our enthusiastic fans. We met Martha Stewart when she presented us with the award during the celebration at Grand Central Station in New York City. I'll never forget when Martha Stewart looked me in the eye and said, "Your work is beautiful." I'm still pinching myself! I've been a big fan since childhood when I watched her first (Thanksgiving) special on TV with my mom.

A major company reorganization resulted in me taking on all of the aspects of running a company: customer support, administrative duties and photography, etc. It was a huge, and at times frustrating learning curve. It also temporarily slowed development of new designs, but it needed to happen before I could get back to creating again.

When cutting machines could score, I began including optional solid score lines in my designs—and updating existing designs with them. It's a lot of work, but customers who've ordered a design in the past are always eligible for a complimentary update. You're entitled to a design that works seamlessly with the latest technology, even if it's been years since you ordered it. I'm serious about my designs standing the test of time, and I think you deserve it. (Yes, you, wink wink lol.)

When I'm not spending time with my young daughter and husband, you can find me working on all the aspects of caring for a business. I've found that the best way to accomplish things while being a toddler parent is just little by little. A little here, a little there, and I've come full circle back to my beginnings, spending nights working on all things SVGCuts way past my bedtime! But I couldn't be more grateful.

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