Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Kit


WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! I have used lots of SVG Cuts "Freebies" and they've all been good, but actually purchasing the kit was the BEST decision I've made! All the files are perfectly sized and proportioned. Just import into SCAL and go to town! I made a "similar" lever card a few months ago that took me HOURS to put together, measure, design, draw, etc... even the fold lines are cut in these files! And the "extras" make it worth WAY more than the $6.9...
by Stacie Date Added: 08/20/2010

Five stars isn't enough for this set! After a little glitch that Leo was able to help me with (make sure your SCAL is the latest version) I went to town making the pinwheel card. I used the Glitter Stack from DCWV and made a whole stack of cards in a flash. Here's my tip: to make the pinwheels in a snap, use a 1/16th in hole punch to punch holes in the tips of 4 of the triangle points and in the center. Insert a brad from the back to the front to...
by Diane Date Added: 06/17/2010

I bought this set last night. It looks wonderful. I'm sitting here with all the parts cut out to make the pinwheel card...Mary, it sure would help alot if you made one of your great how to videos....before i miss my friends birthday...LOL...
by Nancy Date Added: 06/17/2010

I can give an honest review now that i have spend several days creating beautiful cards with this set. The set is very easy to use. When purchasing a set, my main goal is to have something that is quick, easy, makes clean cuts and looks like I spent a lot of time on it.....this fits the bill. With the wonderful layouts, you can interchange and put you own personal touches on a card....
by Cecilia Date Added: 06/07/2010

Wonderful set... I just bought mine.. I can't wait to make some cards. These are wonderful.
by Celeste Date Added: 05/29/2010

can't wait to play with about one of your wonderful vids by Mary!?
by ann Date Added: 05/28/2010

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