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Bedtime Stories SVG Kit


Not quiet done, but it is sweet! I wish I had used a bit stiffer paper especially for the bottom- I bought a package just for this in pinks and purples for my grand daughter's BD party, as soon as I opened them they seemed thinner... OH well. Using other paper in some places. For the towers, I finally figured, when doing the last two, that it might be better to put the part with a hole in it on the tower, instead of the roof, it turned out much better - perfectly straight and you don't see anything under the roof now. Just slide it over the tower (it's a tight fit) and glue the tower tips on top of it (so they are between the cut out piece and the roof. Also the cut out part of this is the exact size of the bottom piece so you don't need to cut those out. I have two small pieces I have no idea what they are for - from the box???.... I just put them on the side walls to use them. I used the door from the 24 building on santa's village advent calendar, so when it opens Cinderella is in there.
Date Added: 01/28/2014 by Mary Kay Klaus